Tanya Mazur Testerin für fachl. Systemtests; ISTQB zertifiziert

  • Tanja Mazur
  • Tanja Mazur

Ebook Reader oder Buch?

Definitely a book, I love the way printed books smell and turning pages is such a pleasure.

Früh aufstehen ist ...?

It's so hard! But makes me feel proud of myself.

Hund oder Katze?

I have 2 cats, the answer is obvious. But as a matter of fact, I love all animals.

Sekt oder Selters?

Bubbles of course.

Was magst du an deinem Job?

I love details, and seeing the result. I love communicating with my team and improving the final outcome.

Berlin finde ich ...?

Extremely various.

Wer war der Held deiner Kindheit?

I wanted to be Sailor Moon, she is a Japanese comic character, the chosen guardian who fights for love and justice.

Meer oder Berge?

Why choose? Both are wonderful!

Was war dein letztes Konzert?

Beyonce Resistance Tour in Frankfurt and it was WOW! She is a real diva.